• Web Conferencing: Making a Group Meeting Online Possible

    Would it be convenient if you could hold an important emergency meeting with your constituents even if some of them are not physically in the office? Would it be great if you could explain and share to your bosses back at your headquarters the details of your innovative architectural design while you are enjoying a(…)

  • Tips for Effective Lost Pet Flyers

    You called out to your beloved pooch when you wake up one day. You know that she would be trot happily towards you, her tail wagging furiously in happiness, her face displaying a happy grin. But something’s different today. She is nowhere in sight, and she is not responding to your repeated calls. She is(…)

  • Cloud Storage: Data Heaven Or Information Hell?

    The prevailing buzzword noticed from the internet now appears to be cloud storage. Apple, Google and even Asus are all competing for your data, insisting that the best spot for your information is on their servers. Yet is cloud storage actually a realistic option? Will it be a sustainable methodology toward computing, or simply a(…)

  • ImageStore

    ImageStore ImageStore is an on-line digital photo management service designed specifically for the healthcare industry. The web-based product allows for easy sharing, comparing, organizing and using photos by physicians.

  • NW Medi Spa

    NW Medi Spa As a leading provider of laser and other aesthetic medical treatments, the medi spa came to Cira looking to improve their overall brand to better reflect the style of the physician/owner.

  • Xtract Solutions

    A pharmaceutical company, Xtract Solutions, developed a revolutionary product that mixes, stores and dispenses allergen extracts for the more efficient treatment of allergy patients. The company wanted a bright, consumer-friendly logo that depicted the nature of their system. By using a combination of a medical syringe with a high technology typeface, the logo weds the(…)

  • Bend Tech

    Bend Tech is networking organization for technology professionals. The nonprofit is a resource for individuals working in technology and living in the Central Oregon community and aims to build the technology landscape in the area. Cira created a light-hearted, technology logo for use on their website, blog and membership materials.

  • Trade

    TradeHighway.com is a social networking, Web 2.0 site that encourages people to swap their stuff online for free. The company wanted a quick read for its logo and needed it to play well online. Cira created an iconic logo that reflected the company’s name via graphic imagery and positioned the site as a social destination(…)

Your Business Must Have a Unique Character

Your business may share the same niche with others. You may be offering similar products and services. You may even share the same target audience. For all you know, you might even be in the same neighbourhood with your competitors! So what should you do? You don’t want to be just another one of them, do you?

Something that is unique always stands out among the crowd. That should be your aim as a business owner. If you stand out, then your target audience will start to come to your door.

Our Marketing Experts Will Back You Up

Cira Creative is dedicated to help make your business special and unique. As experienced marketing experts, we have been in the industry for decades, and we have the right skills in our sleeves. Talk to us about what you need, and we will help you formulate an imaginative, and bespoke marketing campaign that can give your business a distinct character of its own. We will tailor your marketing campaign to fit your budget, capabilities, advantages, limitations, specific target market, and a host of other factors.

We understand that, as a businessman, you don’t want to spend more than you need. That’s why our quotes for your project will always be affordable and within your budget.

We Offer a Comprehensive Array of Marketing Services

• Search engine optimisation
• Social media marketing
• Web site design
• Banner, poster, and flyer design
• Formulation of marketing campaigns
• Marketing strategy consultation
• And more!

Be a Marketing Expert

But Cira Creative does more than just offer excellent and comprehensive marketing products and services. As the saying goes, “arm yourself with information.” We will hone your own skills so you can excel in promoting your own products and find your way around tricky problems.

Explore our website to find useful how-to articles, who’s-who journals, industry news, press releases, updates, and other information that can make you a marketing expert. Know the trends, techniques, technologies, methodologies, and ideas that can make your business one of a kind in the eyes of your target market.

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